Zala County - Zalavár


Why are we here? Why is it worth visiting this place?


If you want to explore Hungary, once you are on holiday at Lake Balaton, in Hévíz or in Zalakaros, do not miss to come and see the attractions of Zalavár.


How to get here? If you are coming from the east, near the western end of Lake Balaton, from the village of Zalavár turn west on the road to get to this continuously developing tourist centre of the region. If you are coming from the west, you should turn off the Zalakaros-Zalaapáti highway at Zalavár. Coming this way, you will find yourself on the Zalavár-Vársziget (“Castle Island”) on the bank of the River Zala, in the middle of the marshland of the former Kis-Balaton stretching on the western side of Balaton. You will be captured by the unique view and experience of the landscape and also the memories of the history and the past events.

In the 19-20th centuries, human intervention demolished the marshland, but it has revived by these days. The glittering water surface and the reeds along the both sides of the road hide a nature reserve and bird paradise while the dam across the water is popular as a paradise of anglers.


The island embraced by the marshland of the river – which provided shelter thanks to its being difficult to reach – had been populated since the prehistoric age. But it was not until the century preceding the foundation of the Hungarian state when it really became significant as the most eastern centre of the Frankish Empire, the eastern border castle of the Christianity in the Carpathian basin. It continued to be significant even after the Magyar conquest, and till the end of the Turkish wars it used to serve as a remarkable place of the Hungarian history.

On the Vársziget (“Castle Island”) visitors can find a spectacular exhibition presenting the region and its history. 

The ancient ruins and the monuments commemorating the past centuries in the archaeological-memorial park are really worth an inspection.

Memory of saints of old times fills up the place, their memory and spirit is preserved by the chapel. And, after having enough food for the mind and willing to discuss all the experiences, you can spend some time in the café while children can enjoy themselves in the well-equipped playground.


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Zalavár Historical Memorial Park
Zalavár-Vársziget "Castle Island"